16 Steps to Wealth - Read online/download .pdf

From the day that you first earn income you need to start your long term financial planning. This book will walk you through each step of your financial life, building your retirement investments, protecting your money from creditors, avoiding the taxes that come with death, and maximising what you leave to your children and future generations.

Highlights of my on-line book

  • Investing in property
  • Using trusts to avoid unnecessary taxes
  • Using trusts to protect your legacy
  • Getting started with trusts
  • Forming and structuring a trust
  • Managing your trust
  • Building the best legacy possible

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About the Author

Derek Springett

  • Professional Engineer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Internationally accredited financial mediator
  • Member of MENSA
  • Bankrupt in 1984, rehabilitated in 1993
  • Recognised as the country‚Äôs leading expert on the practical application of South African trusts